PointProjector C++ Cinema 4D

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GPL 3.0

PointProjector is a free little plugin for Maxon Cinema 4D that projects the ponts of any polygon or spline object on a geometry. Since PointProjector is a deformer object, it works non-destructively.

PointProjector was written because I wanted to be able to do dynamic on-the-fly projection of points, and because Cinema 4D's builtin Project function only works with splines. It is a good example for a simple deformer object plugin.


  1. If you have already an older version of PointProjector installed (maybe even still called "SplineProjector"), remove its directory.
  2. Just unzip the archive and place the folder "PointProjector" inside the folder "Cinema 4D Rxx/plugins".
  3. When you start Cinema 4D the next time, PointProjector will be available from the Plugins menu.


Attributes explained...


All attributes used for the point projection are found here.


Link the geometry you want to project the points on here.

Polygon objects and any generator that generates polygon objects should work.


Select the projection mode here:


Move the projected points along the face normal of the geometry they've been projected on.


Seamlessly blend between projected and unprojected shape.

Geometry Falloff

Enables the geometry falloff mode.

In geometry falloff mode, points are projected only within a certain range, starting from the PointProjector object. Within that range, points are moved towards the surface using a soft step interpolation.


Defines the size of the falloff area around the PointProjector.


This tab provides the standard Falloff functionality, as known from other deformers and effectors in Cinema 4D.